Birdiehous Metsis

The price starts: 74 000.- euro (excluding VAT)

Modular house Metsis is a single-story house designed for year-round living. The modular house is installed on a pile, post, or screw foundation. In terms of its floor plan, the modular house Metsis is suitable as a residence or summer house.

This house features a spacious terrace and large floor-to-ceiling windows. It has a compact and comfortable layout. The modular house has an open-plan interior achieved with a vaulted ceiling. The modular home features a connected kitchen and living room. From the living room, there is access to the terrace. Additionally, there are two bedrooms and a bathroom with a toilet. Metsis is suitable for both, the city and a beautiful natural setting away from urban noise.

Dimensions of the house Metsis:

Area: 59,5 m²
Height: 4,2 m
Lenght: 8 m
Width: 7 m

The standard dimensions of a modular home  Metsis are:

Kitchen-living room: 19,5 m²
Bedroom nr.1: 9  m²
Bedroom nr.2: 9  m²
Shower room: 4,5 m2
Hallwey: 4 m²

If desired, a terrace can be added to the house.


  • The base of the building is covered with waterproof plywood, and a wire mesh is installed to protect against bugs and rodents
  • We use high-quality calibrated material of strength class C24 and laminated wood are used for the load-bearing construction
  • The building is reinforced with 15 mm OSB board with a tongue and groove and 22 mm board on the floor


The material used for insulating the module is optional. Depending on preferences, the module can be insulated either with rockwool or PUR foam.

  • A reinforced and taped fabric is installed for wind protection
  • ROCKWOOL: The exterior walls are insulated with 150 mm + 50 mm rockwool, 150 mm + 100 mm + 50 mm rockwool is used for insulating the floor and ceiling
  • PUR FOAM: For the external walls and ceiling insulation we use open cell polyurethane foam (PUR). For the floor insulation we use closed cells PUR foam, which enhances the building's structure and also acts as a vapor barrier. Also, closed cell PUR foam used in a subfloor structure protects against water intrusion and moisture damage


  • We use triple-glazed window and door units for exterior openings


  • LED light are installed on the façade
  • The facade is covered with a factory-primed cladding board 145 mm wide and painted twice (color optional)

  • The roofing material used is either roofing sheet or roof tiles (optional)


  • The modular house is designed for year-round use in four season climates (the bathroom has underfloor heating)
  • It is possible to add electric radiators and air to air heat pump (optional)
  • A small fireplace can be installed in the living room, which allows heating the module without using electricity (optional)


  • All interior and exterior lights are LED

  • There is an electrical panel


  • White-toned wooden boards of 120 mm (optional) are used as the wall covering material
  • The ceiling ceiling is covered with white-toned wooden boards of 120 mm (optional)
  • The floor has scratch and moisture-resistant laminate (optional)
  • For interior doors, we use MDF or solid wood doors (optional)


  • If desired, the modular house manufacturer can install kitchen furniture with or without devices (optional)


  •  Water boiler
  • The toilet and washing area are in a shared space
  • Wooden boards are used on the walls and ceiling (optional)
  • There are ceramic tiles in the wall and  on the floor (optional)
  • The bathroom has underfloor heating
  • The bathroom has a shower set


  • An exhaust fan has been installed in the bathroom


  • A frost-resistant outdoor tap is installed on the facade of the modular house


  • The module is installed on a pile, post, or screw foundation. The choice of foundation type depends on the location and existing soil. We will send the client an exact drawing for making the necessary connection for utilities
  • The transport and installation of the modules to the customer's property is simple and fast

Transportation of the module can be ordered from the modular house manufacturer.

It is possible to purchase a fully finished modular solution with standard interior finishes or a modular solution without interior finishes. The exterior finishes, interior finishes, and floor plans of all modules can be customized according to customer preferences.

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